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Bulldog - Pictures
Bulldog - Pictures

Bulldogs - Pictures

Bulldogs Pictures
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Bulldogs - Pictures - General Information

 Bulldogs - Pictures
Bulldogs are sturdy dogs characterized by a muscular build and determined personality. In fact, there are three varieties of Bulldogs. They are the English Bulldog - the oldest breed, the French Bulldog - the smallest one, and the American Bulldog, which stands a little bit apart from the two mentioned above due to its functions.

The English Bulldog is often associated with Great Britain. It represents the country with long traditions. A quiet personality of the English Bulldog is what dog lovers value absolutely.

French Bulldogs serve mainly as companions. They are the darlings of any family and attract much attention thanks to their appearance. The French Bulldog is said to be the most charming of all the Bulldogs.

Unlike its relatives, the American Bulldog is mostly a working dog. It needs obedience training from an early age and cannot do without much work. Most of all-breed registries do not recognize the breed.

Bulldogs - Pictures - Exercise Needs

The American Bulldog needs much exercise to keep it fit and let it realize its working potential. Its European relatives appear to do fine with less activity, but will be grateful to the owner for long walks and play.

Bulldogs - Pictures - Living Conditions

Bulldogs are not very sensitive to cold. As for heat, it is not only hard to bear for them, but also can cause serious health problems. Keep your Bulldog in a cool place and supply it with fresh water.

Health Concerns: Can experience breathing problems, bone, skin, and eye disorders. Often require Cesarean section.
Life Expectancy: Bulldogs can live up to 8-12 years.

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